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Thermal Imaging Inspection


A thermographic survey is one of the simplest and most accurate methods employed to monitor and predict when a system might fail.

Thermal Image Testing and Inspection

Thermal Imaging involves an Engineer visiting your premises armed with a powerful camera that uses infra-red technology to observe the level of infrared radiation being emitted by your electrical systems. This allows them to detect and isolate hot spots indicative of failing electrical components.

This deterioration may be in many forms, for example, loose or corroded connections and joints, insulation resistance breakdown or worn and pitted parts.

Virtually no other method will detect the heat rise associated with such faults. This allows remedial work to be prioritised before any faults have a chance to become dangerous. As there is no surface contact, surveys can and should be carried out under normal working conditions, with minimal or no interruption or disruption to your organisation.


Testing and Inspection Results

Electrical Testing is the only recognised method of ensuring the integrity of your electrical systems, and that they are reliable and safe.

Our excellence in electrical compliance testing means that you will be up to date with wiring regulations and you will have peace of mind knowing your workplace is safe.

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